Single Crystal Diamond Tool

  • Insert Type :Diamond Coated Tools
  • Application field:Automotive Parts Industry,3C Industry,Aerospace Industry
  • Machining Materials:Aluminum, Graphite, Ceramics, Carbon fiber, Glass fiber,ect.
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Diamond Coating Tools Performance advantages
(1) High hardness, excellent wear resistance,
(2) Good self-lubricating and chemical stability,
(3) Long service life, cost-effective.

Diamond Coating Tools Application Industry
(1) Automotive Parts Industry
(2) 3C Industry (Computer, Communication and Consumer Electronic)
(3) Aerospace Industry
Diamond Coating Tools Suited Materials

Aluminum, Graphite, Ceramics, Carbon fiber, Glass fiber,ect.

Suitable for the type of cutting tool
Turning tools, Cutter, Dill,Ramer and other carbide cutting tools.

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