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Square PDC Cutter for Cutting Laterite Stone

Laterite is a type of soil and rock rich in iron and aluminum, and is generally thought to have formed in hot and humid tropical regions. Laterite is the source of aluminum ore, mainly present in clay minerals and hydroxides, gibbsite, boehmite and diaspore, similar to the composition of bauxite. Has extremely high hardness. Bricks generally cut into geometric shapes are used in construction and other industries...   
Halnn have exported the laterite rock cutting blades for many years, and the annual hot sale is about 150,000 pieces.
With very rich experience in recommending suitable products for you, we can provide you with customized services for a long time according to your needs.
Advantages of PDC Cutter
1. Specially developed for laterite cutting
2. With feature of high working efficiency, smooth surface
3. Long lifespan and stable performance
4. Advanced technics and strict process control
5. Fast delivery, 5000 pieces can be delivered within 7 days

Name PDC Cutter
Material PCD/diamond + tungsten carbide case
PCD/diamond layer  0.3~0.5mm
Application cut laterite stone
 Size 10x1.2x1.8mm, 10x1.2x1.6mm, 10x12x2.0mm, 10x11x1.5mm, 11x11x1.6mm, 11x12x1.6mm, 12x12x1.6mm, 8x12x1.6mm,  Customized

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