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How to choose the Suitable CBN Inserts machining Brake Drum?

The basic information of the brake drum
The material and chemical composition of the brake drum
the material of the brake drum is generally gray cast iron 200-300, the matrix is mainly pearlite, and the shape of graphite is flaky (Level 3-5)
The failure form of the brake drum
The main failure form of the brake drum is cracking (as shown in the following figure), cracking, falling bottom, excessive wear, abnormal.

Causes of brake drum failure:
1. The material composition of the casting and its own strength.
2. The working condition of the brake drum, which mainly causes the failure of the brake drum, such as road condition, load condition, driver's driving habit, water-driven cooling after long downhill driving, etc.
For Brake drum manufacturers, only quality problems can be improved.
There are many kinds of cutting tools for processing brake drum, CBN cutting inserts is the most economical way.
CBN inserts processing brake drum, high hardness and wear resistance, and has impact resistance. Rough machining, large margin machining brake drum work well. Through cusotmers many times test, Halnn provide tools have good toughness and can be rough machining-fine machining without changing the Inserts, a Inserts can complete the processing of the workpiece. We BN-S3000 brand, processing brake drum, especially in mass production, processing effect is excellent.
Halnn Tools at the product and the characteristics of the machine tool of the processing brake drum, as well as the problems that occur when the traditional cutting tools process the brake drum, developed the non-metallic adhesive CBN cutting tool BN-S300 brand, which is thick and can be processed well.
The following is a brief introduction to the case of Halnn Tools BN-S300 brand processing brake drum.
Processing material: gray cast iron
Processing procedure: rough machining end face, inner hole, outer circle cutter
Brand: BN-S300 CNMN1204
Cutting parameters: ap = 0.25mm,Fr = 0.9mm/r,Vc = 280 m/min.
Processing Method: dry-type cutting processing
Inserts Material Fr(mm/r) Vc(m/min) Life/tip
Halnn Solid CBN Inserts 0.9 280 75 pieces
Coated Carbide inserts 0.45 100 5 pieces

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