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RCGX Tools Machining High Hardness Tungsten Carbide Mill Rol

HALNN is a High-Tech Company Specialized in the Design and Production of Ultra-Hardened Machining Tools, and the Leader in Professional Hard Material Processing Tools in China; the First Company in China to Focus in Researching in New Machining Tools, Specifically Focus on Machining Rolls for the Steel Industry (Cast Iron, High Speed Steel, Alloy Forged, Tungsten Carbide; Etc.). 
HALNN Main Products : CBN Tools(Solid CBN Inserts, PCBN Inserts, Brazed PCBN Inserts, CBN Milling tools, CBN Grooving tools Etc.);  and PCD Tools( PCD Inserts, PCD Milling tools, PCD Drilling Tools, PCD Bits, PDC Cutter, CVD Inserts, CVD Single Crystal Diamond Plate, and PCD Notching and Marking tools for for Machining Notch, Letters and Logos on Finishing Rolls for producing Rebars. )
All above mentioned Products are mainly used for Machining Difficult To Machine Materials, like : Gray ang High Hardness Cast Iron, High Speed Steel, Alloy Forged, Tungsten Carbide, Super Alloys, Etc.
Main Industries Applications for Our Machining Tools are : Aerospace, Automotive, Geological Drilling, Mining, Stone, Pump Making, Steel Mill Industry (Cast Iron & Composite Rolls and Tungsten Carbide Rings); Etc. 

HALNN strongly recommends Solid CBN Inserts for all the above mentioned situations, due to they can be used for large margin cutting, in comparison to traditional machining tools. Solid CBN Inserts Performance is more stable, contributing to increase production efficiency; and of course in cost reduction.
In case of Tungsten Carbide Rings and Composite Rolls, every day the using of CNC Grinders for machining the Grooves is gaining more followers, but due to the high investment for these machines; still many Steel Mills worldwide are using CNC Roll Lathes for machining the Grooves on Tungsten Carbide Rings and Composite Rolls. In this case CBN either PCD Inserts are normally used. Normally CBN Inserts are used for Rough Turning in Tungsten Carbide Rings with Hardness ≤ 88 HRA; while PCD Tools are mostly used for Finish Machining, machining Notch, Letters, Numbers & Logos, in case of Tungsten Carbide Rings used on Finishing Stands for the production of Rebar.

Turning and Grooving Tungsten Carbide Rings and Composite Rolls :
Tungsten Carbide Ring Hardness can reach 78 ~ 95 HRA at ambient temperature.
Tungsten Carbide Rings are normally used in Two ways, Alone on the Sizing and High Speed Wire Rod Mill Blocks, either as part of the Composite Rolls used on Bar Mills Intermediate and Finishing  Stands. In any case, machining the Table and producing the Grooves for Tungsten Carbide Rings can be done via a CNC Roll Grinding Machine, either a CNC Roll Lathe. In case the Tungsten Carbide Rings and Composite Rolls are used in Finishing Stand for production of Rebar, the subsequent machining operations are Notching, Machining Letters, Numbers and Logos, via a Manual either CNC Roll Notching and Marking Machine.
CBN Inserts are normally used for Rough machining of Table and Grooves on Tungsten Carbide Rings with Hardness ≤ 88 HRA.  PCD Inserts are normally used for Finish Machining the Grooves, Notching, machining the Letters, Numbers and Logos.

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