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Halnn Solid CBN Inserts RCGX Turning 68-85HS HSS Rolls

Halnn Tools have rich experience in the roll industry. There are many tools dealers and CNC machine suppliers and rolls manufacturers purchase CBN or PCD tools from our company, and RCMX insert is one of the hot-selling products.
 With the background of Henan Research Institute of superhard material, we have a strong technical team.Up to now, more than 60% of roll manufacturers are using our tools to process rolls in China.
HSS Rolls which used for producing wire ball steel, we choose BN-S300 because it has good surface quality, not belong to interrupt turning condition. Customers can only process 1 Pass HSS Rolls with other brands RCGX120400 and RCGX060500 Solid CBN Inserts before, 6 Pass can be processed with Halnn BN-S300 RCGX120400 and RCGX060500 Grade Solid CBN Inserts.

Halnn Solid CBN Inserts RCGX Turning 68-85HS HSS Rolls
Material: High Speed Steel
Selected Insert: BN-S300
Cutting Condition: Dry
First grinding machining, then turning that continuous machining.
Machining Parameters: Vc=30-35 m/min, Fr=0.2 mm/r
Brand Inserts Tools life Efficiency
Halnn  RCGX060500 RCGX090700 6 Pass Improved6 times
Other brand 1 Pass /

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