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Halnn Diamond PCD Tools For Composites CFRP Machining

Part 1 How to choose the right cutting tool materials for CFRP Machining
It has 3 types cutting tools materials that can be used for machining CFRP: Tungsten carbide inserts, Poly-diamond pcd tools.

  • Tungsten Carbide Inserts, such as YG type tools, they have good heat resistance and Oxidation resistance, but when machining CFRP materials, the insert will wear seriously, and the roughness will not good, it will change the insert Frequently, which will lead to low efficiency, not stable quality, and can’t meet the customers’ requirements.
  • PCD Tools are the best cutting tools that can be used for machining CFRP Currently. The hardness can reach HV9000, which is about 4~6 times of tungsten carbide inserts. It has high abrasive resistance, also can keep the sharp edge, ensure high surface roughness and help the customers improve the efficiency.
Part 2 Halnn PCD Tools For Machining CFRP

1. PCD Turning Inserts for CFRP Machining

It includes pcd inserts, pcd turning inserts and some customized diamond inserts, turning process is one basic method for machining cfrp materials, it is usually suitable to realize tolerance of the cylinder surface.

2.PCD Milling Tools for CFRP

PCD Milling Tools include: Diamond Milling Inserts, Milling PCD Cutters, PCD End Mills, ect. Halnn PCD Milling Tools Advantages:
  • Fast Delivery Time
  • Various Types PCD Tools
  • Customized Service
  • Improved the Efficiency
We can help the customers choose the right milling tools and also can produce the pcd tools as the customers’ requirements.
3. PCD Drill Bits for CFRP

Halnn PCD Drill Bits include: diamond drill bits, pcd reamers and pcd step reamers, we use high quality pcd blanks as the blades, which has good abrasive resistance and tungsten carbide as the body, which has good rigidity and size precision. Halnn pcd tools can meet the requirements on the processing quality for drilling or reamering. And Internal cooling design, Spiral drill chip flute design help the customers improve their processing efficiency, which is very important for drilling hole on CFRP Materials.
Halnn PCD Tools can be designed as the customers’ requirements, such as the tips no., angle, tips length. We have much experience on PCD Tools. If you have any problems, you can leave me message through info@halnntools.com.

Or feel free to contact with us info@halnntools.com, Whatsapp:+8615617635382.

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