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PCD End Mills and Diamond Coating Tools for Graphite

Part 1 The application of Graphite Material
1. Refractory material,such as Graphite Crucible;
2. Conductive material,such as Graphite electrode;
3. Wear-resistant lubricant materials
4. Mold material
We mainly research Graphite Materials that made as Graphite electrode and Mold, please kindly check the following image:
Because Graphite has the following advantages:
(1) High temperature resistance
(2) Chemical stability
(3) Thermal shock resistance
(4) Excellent abrasive resistance
They are difficult to machine, Halnn Tools can offer CVD Coating Tools and PCD End Mills to help satisfy the customers, and can be used for high speed machining Graphite electrode and Mold.
Halnn CDW025 and CDW302 is made with Diamond coarse particles, which has excellent abrasive resistance, especially suitable for machining brittle and hard materials Graphite, the following is the cutting parameters for reference with Halnn CDW302 and CDW025 Materials:

Component materials Vc(m/min) Fr(mm/r) ap(mm) Halnn PCD Grade
Graphite 100~600 0.1~0.5 0.05~2.0 CDW302/ CDW025/ CDW010
Halnn can offer you both diamond coating endmills, but also pcd end mills, please kindly check the following image:
Diamond Coating Tools for Graphite
PCD End Mills for Graphite
If you would like to know more details, please feel free to contact with us info@halnntools.com

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