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PCD Tools for machining pistons

As we all know, Automotive pistons is one of the most part in the engine. It can be divided into different parts as the following image:
Pistons Structure 
We can make the whole solutions with PCD Tools for machining pistons, please kindly check the followings:

Part 1 PCD Grooving Tools
This type PCD grooving tools are mainly used for machining ball socket of the pistons on the top.
PCD Grooving Tools-1 
And common pistons will have 3 grooves, and the following will be the pcd grooving tools:
PCD Grooving Tools-2 
Part 2 PCD External Turning Tool
Some customers will choose customized PCD Tools, they can be brazed pcd tools. In mordern times, most customers also will use ISO VCGW PCD Insert for turning the cylindrical of the pistons, normally the pcd insert will have the front angle, that can be 0 °or 7 °. With Halnn CDW010 PCD Tools, it can obtain good roughness.
PCD Turning Tools-1 PCD Turning Tools-2
Part 3 PCD Boring Tool
This type tool not only can be used for turning tools, but also can be used for pcd boring tools, it is used for boring the pin hole.
All above type tools, we can offered, also can be made with customized requirements.
Any needs of PCD Tools for machining pistons, you can feel free to contact with us 

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