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Situations with hard turning hardened steel instead of Grind

With the superhard cutting tools widely used in castings industry,we all know that superhard cutting tools are mainly used for high hardness materials in ferrous metal industry, such as high hardness cast iron, hardened steel after heat treatment, high hardness component after repairing. They can realize high speed turning, turning instead of grinding, dry cutting.

First, high speed turning, we need to notice the cutting performance of the cutting tools itself, such cas the hardness, toughness, strength. For high hardness component, if you would like to use high cutting speed, the cutting tools need to have high hardness and excellent abrasive resistance.

Second, most manufacturers would like to realize turning instead of grinding, which not only improve the efficiency, but also help reduce the tool costs. As we all know, grinding process require high on the Technical staff and the grinding machine, however the CNC lathe no need.

So what situations, can we use cbn inserts for hard turning hardened steel instead of grinding?
(1)When using CNC Lathe machining complex shape component or surfaces, turning instead of grinding can reduce 30%~60% labor, and also can promise high position precision.
(2)When the component have several complex inner bore or hole, turning process will perform better than grinding process.
(3)When many parts of the component all need grinding, we can try turning process, with only 1 process, it can be finished.
(4)When machining the component which load changing frequently, we can use superhard cutting tools, which will help obtain good surface quality and extand the tool life.

Last, superhard cutting tools can be used with dry cuttingprocess, which help reduce the pollution, and can obey the high temperature 1300 ℃,the insert will not chip with high temperature, and perform excellent.

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