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1. PCD Grade and Application

Grade Granularity(μm) Characteristics Application Microstructure
CDW850 Submicron Ultra-fine grain structure, strong edge sharpness and edge durability High precision machining, mirror surface machining, suite for aluminum alloy that required high on the chipping performance, mainly used for machining Ti alloy and other composites
CDW002 2μm High cobalt content, Good electrical machine performance, excellent toughness, Good roughness machining, more convinent for complec tool processing Mainly used for engrave milling cutter and thread cutting tool, and also cutting tools for wear-resistant parts, used in woodworking saws, particleboard and the tools for machining silicon aluminum alloy
CDW005 5μm Excellent electric spark and machinability, good toughness, wear resistance and edge quality It suits for good surface quality processing, mainly used for machining PMMA, Silicion alloy and metal  cell phone shell outlin and used in the wood cutting tools, saws industry
CDW010 10μm Universal PCD Grade, good toughness and high abrasive resisitance Suit for single tool for rough machining, especially for wood molding, medium and low silicon aluminum alloy parts (such as piston)
CDW025 25μm High wear resistance and edge quality Suit for high Silicion Aluminum alloy, MMC, Tungsten carbide and ceramic, graphite,wear resistant parts,  mainly used in wood Wood finishing insert and saws
CDW302 2~30μm Mixed 2μm and 25μm,good wear resistance and edge quality and edges strength It mainly used for machining MMC, high Silicion Aluminum calloy, high strength cast iron and other application.

2. PCD Grade and Machining Characteristics

3.Choosing the suitable PCD Grade for your Application

4. Halnn recommend cutting condition

Component Materials Recommend PCD Grade Vc(m/min) Fr(mm/r) ap(mm)
Aluminum Alloy (4~8% Si) CDW010 CDW302 CDW005 CDW850 100-5000 0.03-0.5 0.1~3.0
Aluminum Alloy (9~13% Si) CDW010 CDW302   CDW850 100-3000 0.03-0.5 0.1~3.0
Aluminum Alloy (>13% Si) CDW010 CDW302 CDW025 CDW850 100-2500 0.03~0.4 0.1~2.5
Copper alloy( Copper,Brass) CDW010 CDW302 CDW025 CDW850 100-1000 0.03~0.3 0.1~3.0
Titanium Alloy CDW850 CDW005     100-200 0.05~0.2 0.1~2.0
Tungsten Carbide(Co>16%) CDW302 CDW025 CDW010   15-40 0.1~0.25 0.1~1.0
Tungsten Carbide(Co<16%) CDW302 CDW025 CDW010   10-30 0.03~0.1 0.05~0.3
Wood CDW010 CDW302 CDW005 CDW002 100-4000 0.1~0.4 0.1~3.0
Graphite CDW302 CDW025 CDW010   100-600 0.1~0.5 0.05~2.0
Metal Matrix Composites CDW302 CDW025 CDW010   300-600 0.1~0.4 0.2~1.5
Composites(Carbon Fiber) CDW302 CDW025 CDW010   200-2000 0.05~0.3 0.1~3.0


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