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1. CBN Grade and Application

Insert Grade Suited Materials Machining Type Typical Application Insert Image
BN-K1 Chilled Cast Iron, Hi-Ni-Cr Cast Iron and High harness alloy cast iron Roughing Alloy Cast Iron, Slurry Pump, Wear resistant castings
BN-S10 High Speed Steel Roughing HSS Rolls
BN-S20 Hardened Steel, Heat and abrasive resistant steel, High manganese steel Roughing, Semi-Finishing HSS Rolls, Ball Screw, Wind Power Bearings
BN-S200 Hardened Steel, Superalloy Finishing Wind Power Bearings
BN-S300 Gray Cast Iron Roughing, Finishing Brake Disc, Cast Iron Engine,Gearbox, Cylinder Liner
BDN80 Ni-based alloy, Stellite Alloy, Superalloy Roughing, Finishing Aircraft turbine disk, Ni based alloy parts
BN-H11 Hardened Steel Semi-Finishing, Finishing Bearings, Gears, Gear Shaft, Hardened Mold
BN-H20 Hardened steel, other materials of difficult to machine Semi-Finishing, Finishing Hardened Steel Gears, Mold,ect
BN-K20 Gray Cast Iron Semi-Finishing, Finishing Brake Disc, Cast Iron Engine,Gearbox
BNK30 Gray cast iron, Iron based alloy Semi-Finishing,Finishing Brake Disc, Brake Drum, Cast Iron Engine, Gearbox
BN-K50 Powder Metallurgy Finishing Powder Metalurgy Valve seat
BN-H05 Hardened Steel Finishing Gears,Gear Shaft, Bearings
BN-H10 Hardened Steel, high strength cast iron Finishing Bearings, Gears, Gear Shaft, High hardness component
BN-H21 Hardened Steel Finishing Bearings, Gears, Gear Shaft,Mold,ect.
BN-K10 Gray Cast Iron, Powder Metallurgical Finishing Valve seat ring; Engine cylinder bore;  Powder Metallurgy parts
BN-H05 C25 Hardened Steel Finishing Bearings, Gears, Gear Shaft, Mold,ect
BN-H10 C25 Hardened Steel Finishing Bearings, Gears, Gear Shaft, High hardness components
BN-H21 C25 Hardened Steel Finishing Bearings, Gears, Gear Shaft, Mold,ect

2. CBN Characteristics  

CBN Grade Binder CBN Content(%) Granularity(μm) Hardness(HV)
BN-K1 TIC 90 8-12 3000-3250
BN-S10 AL,TiN 80 4-10 3100-3300
BN-S20 TIN 76 4-6 2900-3100
BN-S200 TIN 60 2-4 2800-3000
BN-S30 TIC 85 8-12 3100-3300
BN-S300 AL,TIC 97 4-6 3400-3600
BN-H11 TIN 70 2-4 2800-3000
BN-H20 TIC 80 2-4 3100-3300
BN-H05 TIN 45 ≤1 2700-2800
BN-H10 TIN 50 ≤1 2700-2800
BN-H21 AL,TINC 60 1-2 2600-2800
BN-K10 Ti,Co 95 ≤2 3300-3500
BN-K50 Co 85 ≤2 3300-3500
BN-K20 TIC 95 2-4 3400-3600
BNK30 Si,TIC 97 2-4   3400-3600

3.CBN Cutting Conditions

CBN Content Characteristics Halnn CBN Depth of Cut Condition
High Content CBN


Hardness (Finishing)

BN-K1 1~10mm Interrupt-Continuous
BN-S30 1~10mm Semi-Interrupt
BN-S300 ≤2mm Continuous
BNK30 ≤1.5mm Continuous
BN-K50 ≤0.5mm Continuous
BN-K10 ≤0.5mm Continuous
Low Content CBN Toughnes(Roughing)

Hardness (Finishing)
BN-S20 1~10mm Continuous~Interrupt
BN-H20 ≤1mm Semi-Interrupt
BN-S200 ≤1mm Continuous
BN-H11 ≤1mm Continuous



BN-H05 ≤0.2mm Continuous
BN-H10 ≤0.5mm Continuous~Semi-Interrupt
BN-H21 ≤0.5mm Semi-Interrupt ~Heavy Interrupt

BN-H05 C25 ≤0.2mm Continuous
BN-H10 C25 ≤0.5mm Continuous~Semi- Interrupt
BN-H21 C25 ≤0.5mm Semi-Interrupt ~Heavy Interrupt 

4. Halnn recommend cutting condition

Machining Materials Process Cutting Speed Vc(m/min) Cutting Depth ap
Feed Rate Fr
Recommend CBN Grade
High hardness cast iron(HRC35~68) Roughing 35~120 1~10mm 0.15~1.0 BN-K1
Finishing 60~200 ≤1mm 0.05~0.35 BN-K10,BN-H10
Hardened Steel (≥HRC45) Roughing 50~150 1~10mm 0.1~0.5 BN-S10,BN-S20
Finishing 90~250 ≤1mm 0.05~0.35 BN-H05,BN-H10,BN-H21,BN-H20,BN-H11,BN-S200
Gray Cast Iron Roughing 400~1200 1~10mm 0.2~1.0 BN-S30,BN-S300
Finishing 600~2000 ≤1mm 0.05~0.3 BNK30,BN-K10,BN-K20


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